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Checking Scuba Tanks for Hydro Dates

Checking scuba tanks for hydro dates is critical in the scuba diving industry.  “SCUBA” stands for “Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.”  Scuba cylinders contain the air that is your life support underwater. It is important for tanks to be inspected and safe to ensure your safety while diving.  Each tank has a series of codes on it and each has inspection and testing stickers. If those are out of date, no responsible, reputable dive shop will refill the tank. Visual inspections are required at least once per year to check for cuts, dents, stress lines, bulges, plating condition, a current hydrostatic test date, and signs of general abuse outside, and pits, corrosion, coating defects, neck cracks, and thread integrity inside. The inspector will also check for potential manufacturers’ recalls. If all is well, the inspectors puts the tank back together and applies a new sticker.

Hydrostatic testing (hydros) is required every five years.  This test must be conducted by a certified technician and essentially determines whether the tank is structurally sound and will not burst under pressure.

Venice Dive Center provides a variety of services to keep you diving and safe.  We send our tanks for Hydro Inspections, which need to be done every 5 years.  Visuals are done in the store, checking the exterior, interior and threads.  Staff can also clean your air tank to switch it to a nitrox tank, as well as apply nitrox wrap (sticker).  O-rings can be changed out as needed.

Air fills are available at Venice Dive Center (both air and nitrox).  Our nitrox banks are 36%, but can be mixed to lower percent for deeper dives. The shop also has both air and nitrox tanks available for rent.

Brandon is here to explain how to check your dive cylinder for service dates. Be sure to visit to see how we can help you with your underwater needs.

Give the Gift of Diving this Christmas!

Give the Gift of Diving this holiday season.  With only 2 more weekends ’till Christmas, now is the time to stop in Venice Dive Center for ideas to please those hard to shop for friends and family. Have you or someone you know been thinking of learning to dive?  Purchase a BOGO 1/2 off open water class!  In need of some new basics?  25% off in-stock snorkels, masks and fins! Ikelite and Sealife Cameras are on special with 35% off in-stock for the photographer you know.  Don’t forget the new charters provided by Venice Dive Charter.  Purchase a 2 tank dive this weekend for $65, reduced from $85.  Check out our Stocking Stuffer ideas for the perfect gift.

Give the Gift of Diving and open someone’s world to an underwater adventure!

Gift of Diving

Dive, Dive, Dive!

Advance your skills or enjoy some advanced diving. Dive!

OPTIONS! Want to take the Advanced Open Water Course?  Need to just finish the Advanced dives?  Want to go for a Night Dive or Dive the Speigel Grove?  All are options this weekend with Venice Dive Center. All of the above or choose a la Carte.
Learn more about the Advanced Training:
Advanced Scuba Diver
-4/22: Open Water Classroom: $99
-4/23: 11:00 Pool YMCA Center Rd
-4/23: Night Dive in Key Largo, 1 tank: $80
-4/23: Hotel, Holiday  Inn Express: $150
-4/24:  Deep Dive Speigel Grove, 2 tank: $80
-4/24: Reef Dive, 2 tank: $80
Total for all: $489
Must have completed Open Water Certification to take the Advanced Course.  Must have completed or be in the process of completing the Advanced Course to complete the Night Dive or Speigel Grove.  Call the shop to reserve your space for all portions today.  Hotel reservations can only accepted until Wednesday, April 20th.  Rooms can be split.
Speigel Grove

Shark Tooth Seminar and Dive

Venice Dive Center will be hosting a Shark Tooth Seminar and Dive.  Venice, Florida is known as the “Shark’s Tooth Capital of the World” due to the millions of shark teeth that wash up on our sandy, white beaches.  There is even a Shark Tooth Festival held April 10th-12th. And while finding these amazing gems along the shore is incredible, how would it feel to actually find one yourself on the bottom of the ocean?

Each day, Ben Schultz, local fossil expert, dives down to discover more teeth and fossils beneath the surface.  Ben has spent countless hours below and has a wealth of knowledge that he will be sharing with friends of Venice Dive Center for 2 free special events.

Ben Schultz, Local Fossil Expert, Shark Tooth Seminar and Dive

Join us on Wednesday, February 24th at 7:00 for the Shark Tooth Seminar as Ben explains what types of fossils can be found off of Venice and Nokomis shores and why.  He will also discuss techniques for finding teeth.  Doors will open at 6:30.  Registration for the Shark Tooth Seminar and Dive is preferred.  Please call 941-497-5985.

On Saturday, February 27th at 8:00, join us for a DONUT DIVE.  Ben will be leading the Shark Tooth Fossil Dive off Service Club Park Beach, 1190 S. Harbor Drive.  Ben will take divers to a dive spot where there are fossils.  New found knowledge can be put to the test as divers work to find fossils for themselves. Registration for the free Shark Tooth Seminar and Dive is preferred.  Please call 941-497-5985. Feel free to come to one or both of the classes. Gear, tanks and airfills not included.

*A minimum of Open Water Certification is required for the Beach Dive. Venice Dive Center has rental gear and air tanks available as early as Friday a.m. if needed on a first come first serve basis, but please arrange for pick up prior to Saturday’s 8:00am dive.

Dive Turkey’s Sale Extended with Additions!

Venice Dive Turkey says to make sure you include Venice Dive Center in your shopping schedule this Friday, November 27th through Monday, November 30th.  With 20% off all in stock products, there are amazing opportunities to cross some gifts off your list.

Atomic Aquatics M1 Regulator


Our most exceptional specials include the Atomic Aquatic M1 Regulator at $499, regularly $719.95.  The M1 employs state of art metals.  Monel parts are used internally in the first stage for high strength, corrosion-resistance and oxygen compatibility.  If you are considering a higher end regulator for an amazing price, search no further.  This price is available through Monday, November 30th at 6pm.

tank sale 1

tank sale 2


Interested in a new camera? How about a SeaLife Camera for 40% off?  Capture photos of your favorite underwater friends at a remarkable price.

SeaLife Camera
SeaLife Camera






At 20% of our In-Stock products, there are many choices of fun NEW items in our store:

New Blue Octo Masks

New Blue Octo Masks

New Bare Gloves
New Stahlsac Dive Bags





New Bare Dive Gloves
New Bare Dive Gloves


How about a Venice Dive Center T-Shirt for $10

Venice Dive Center T-shirt
Venice Dive Center T-shirt



Great Deal on Steel 108cuft Tanks at $250!

Steel 108cuft Tanks


And everyone can use Fill Cards!

Fill Cards
Fill Cards

Dive with Dad

Don’t Forget Dad! Special runs now through Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21st.  Buy Dad an Open Water Class and get a 2nd Key Largo trip for free during the Open Water check out dive.  Copy of Dive with Dad!

Get Your Scuba Gear On Sale!

3 Reasons to have a SaleJoin Venice Dive Center as we CELEBRATE!  3 years ago , 2012, the current owners purchased the Venice Scuba Quest store, renaming it “Scuba Quest of Venice”.  At the one year anniversary, May 2013, the shop changed it’s name to Venice Dive Center.  Last year, on the 2 year anniversary, the shop moved to it’s current location at 902 S Tamiami Trail in Nokomis.

A lot may have changed in a matter of 3 years, but the essence and adoration for Scuba Diving and the ocean has not.  The staff at Venice Dive Center strives to bring you the experience you have come to expect, the equipment you depend on, and the comradery to share in your passion. We thank you for your support of the past 3 years and GRACIOUSLY THANK those that have served their country as we remember them on this Memorial Day weekend.


*20% OFF everything in the store, excluding tanks, weights, cameras and classes.
*30% OFF Sea Life Cameras