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Snowbird Sale!

Venice Dive Center Snowbird Sales are back! Select in stock wet suits and shorties 20-40% off Friday, 2/2 through Monday, 2/5. Brandon is here to give you all the details! See you soon!

Checking Scuba Tanks for Hydro Dates

Checking scuba tanks for hydro dates is critical in the scuba diving industry.  “SCUBA” stands for “Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.”  Scuba cylinders contain the air that is your life support underwater. It is important for tanks to be inspected and safe to ensure your safety while diving.  Each tank has a series of codes on it and each has inspection and testing stickers. If those are out of date, no responsible, reputable dive shop will refill the tank. Visual inspections are required at least once per year to check for cuts, dents, stress lines, bulges, plating condition, a current hydrostatic test date, and signs of general abuse outside, and pits, corrosion, coating defects, neck cracks, and thread integrity inside. The inspector will also check for potential manufacturers’ recalls. If all is well, the inspectors puts the tank back together and applies a new sticker.

Hydrostatic testing (hydros) is required every five years.  This test must be conducted by a certified technician and essentially determines whether the tank is structurally sound and will not burst under pressure.

Venice Dive Center provides a variety of services to keep you diving and safe.  We send our tanks for Hydro Inspections, which need to be done every 5 years.  Visuals are done in the store, checking the exterior, interior and threads.  Staff can also clean your air tank to switch it to a nitrox tank, as well as apply nitrox wrap (sticker).  O-rings can be changed out as needed.

Air fills are available at Venice Dive Center (both air and nitrox).  Our nitrox banks are 36%, but can be mixed to lower percent for deeper dives. The shop also has both air and nitrox tanks available for rent.

Brandon is here to explain how to check your dive cylinder for service dates. Be sure to visit to see how we can help you with your underwater needs.

20 Stocking Stuffers for You!

Stocking Stuffers are waiting for you!  The countdown has begun.  During Surface Intervals, how much shopping have you accomplished?  Still looking for some Stocking Stuffers and extra Dive Gifts for your Dive Fanatic?  Let Venice Dive Center and Venice Dive Charter help you in determining the perfect gift.  Sure, we would all love to have the latest and greatest in BCs and other equipment, but sometimes we just need a little something extra for that special someone.  Check out our tried and true ideas from the “20 Stocking Stuffers” and make your shopping just a little bit easier this year.

20 Stocking Stuffers
20 Stocking Stuffers

What’s On Your List?

Divers never seem to have enough toys or equipment or diving opportunities.  Ever notice that?  What’s the latest and greatest?  What’s tried and true?  What is the best dive spot?  The staff at Venice Dive Center is here to help answer those questions and hear what you have to say as well.  There are 3 more weekends until Christmas, and along with all the other retailers, we’d like to help you cross some shopping off of your list.  That’s why each weekend we will have specials sales and discounts to help make your shopping experience a little easier and more pleasant.  Sale dates are Friday, December 9th-Monday, December

Welcome Bruce!

We would like to introduce you to Bruce.  Welcome Bruce!

He's here!
He’s here!

Bruce is a Hammerhead shark that upon first glance looks a little intimidating and sometimes scary. Sharks are not the mindless eating machines that movies make them out to be. He is a warm water shark that came into this world in Bahamas. Over the years this top predator has been traveling the world educating the public that sharks are our friends. He decided the best way to get the word out is to go where the divers hang out. Bruce’s travels have taken him all over the world “hanging out” in hundreds of dive shops across the country. His travels have brought him to Venice Dive Center. He will be our Ambassador from the ocean here to greet our customers each and every day.

Please stop in and meet Bruce. He will be “hanging out” at the shop waiting to meet you.

Remember Bruce?
Remember Bruce?