Welcome Bruce!

We would like to introduce you to Bruce.  Welcome Bruce!

He's here!
He’s here!

Bruce is a Hammerhead shark that upon first glance looks a little intimidating and sometimes scary. Sharks are not the mindless eating machines that movies make them out to be. He is a warm water shark that came into this world in Bahamas. Over the years this top predator has been traveling the world educating the public that sharks are our friends. He decided the best way to get the word out is to go where the divers hang out. Bruce’s travels have taken him all over the world “hanging out” in hundreds of dive shops across the country. His travels have brought him to Venice Dive Center. He will be our Ambassador from the ocean here to greet our customers each and every day.

Please stop in and meet Bruce. He will be “hanging out” at the shop waiting to meet you.

Remember Bruce?
Remember Bruce?

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